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Truss Financial Group:
Your Expert Team of Mortgage Advisors

Don’t settle for a mortgage company that works with your finances, but doesn’t take the time to work with you. Our highly skilled team of mortgage specialists is just waiting to create a custom solution for your loan.


Common Sense Lending

We understand that everyone doesn’t fit into the same box. That’s how we became the leader in stated income mortgages. Common sense lending means working with what you have to get you qualified. That's what makes us the favorite with entrepreneurs and investors.



You can expect more from us during your home buying experience. With us you’ll get creativity, efficiency and the speed to meet your lending deadlines.



A mortgage refinance isn’t only about interest rates. Our team of experienced loan officers has the expertise to craft the best solution based on your financial picture and your needs. Let’s explore options you won’t find anywhere else.


Self-Employed Mortgages

Truss Financial Group is a self-employed mortgage company that understands the challenges of the self-employed. What more can we say? We developed a common-sense lending approach because we’ve been in your shoes. This is why we've created so many mortgage options for people who run their own businesses.


Stated Income Mortgages

Not all stated income mortgages are created equal. Don’t be fooled by Hard Money lenders with very unattractive rates, fees, and terms. Truss offers "A Paper" rates and fees on all stated income home loans.


Reverse Mortgages

We cover the spectrum of reverse mortgages. Many lenders offer FHA or HECM mortgages, but those options have severe limitations. We don’t stop there. Truss Financial Group offers Jumbo Reverse Mortgages and Super Jumbo Reverse Mortgages, so clients with home values up to $20,000,000 have the ability to use their home equity to optimize their lifestyle.

“Like most people I got hit hard by the financial crisis. With a short sale on my record, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Chase wouldn't write me a loan. But my real estate agent referred me to Truss Financial and they helped me qualify.”
business man
Dave Castle
“I have excellent credit and income, and have been banking with Bank of America for over 20 years. When I needed a loan quickly, B of A couldn’t fund it fast enough. I turned to Truss and Jeff got the loan funded in 15 days.”
business man
Kyle Dugan
“My parents are retired and social security is paying all of their bills. I wanted to learn more about reverse mortgages as a possible option. Jeff met me at my parents’ house to cover the pros and cons. We decided a reverse mortgage was a great option. My parents are now able to travel and enjoy life.”
jumbo reverse mortgage
Chad Aaron

Helped During Hard Times

James Carlton, San Diego

“When I called Jeff at Truss Financial, I was skeptical he could help because I was in between work projects and my income had significantly declined. But my bank statements said otherwise. After a 30-minute chat with Jason, he found a solution and it went directly to underwriting. Since then, I’ve refinanced with Truss Financial multiple times because Jason found me a loan during my hard times.”

Helped During Hard Times

An Advocate for Our Needs

Dolly Donaldson, Irvine

“Truss Financial Group was a great company to work with. They all listened and understood our needs, what we were looking for, and they made it happen. They took time to thoroughly explain the process and the pros and cons of each option. They were a real advocate on our behalf. And definitely go-getters, which we loved.”

An Advocate for Our Needs

Over 20 years providing mortgage advice and lending expertise. We’ll find the right home loan for you.

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