Stated Income Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC)


✅  No Tax Returns needed

✅  No appraisal needed

✅  Only provide the last 3-months of deposit history

✅  Primary residence 

✅  Investment property

✅  Second homes

✅  Stand-alone 2nd mortgage

✅  Use personal bank statements

✅  85% Combined Loan to Value

✅  660 + Credit Score 

✅  Loan Amounts $50K - $500K

✅  Starting rate: 8.75%


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30 or 40 Year Terms & Interest Only

Yes, we offer 30 or 40 year fixed mortgages going stated income or using bank statements. You can also throw on an interest only payment for the first 10 years if you wish.

Purchase or Cash-Out Refinance

Yes, take cash-out, just refinance, or buy your next home going stated income! You'll be amazed at just how low these rates are, just above "A Paper" rates.


Never Show Your Tax Return

Seriously, we can careless about your tax return. All we care about is that your business has cash-over the last 12 months and you have decent credit.

*Rate/APR is based on a 760 credit score, 50% LTV, no cash out, loan amount of $397,000, on a 7/1 ARM amortized over 30 years. Effective 4/27/2022. NMLS: 2006915



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